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Battle Back is a military initiative designed to introduce injured service personnel to sports and adventurous training activities. Battle Back supports a number of different activities including; sailing, diving, skiing, paragliding and competitive Olympic events.

The golfing wing of Battle Back was founded in Aug 2009. The first initiative was to offer a 3 day coaching event based at Sandown Park, Esher. This involved 4 golfers, Battle Back Golf now supports 59 golfers and the numbers are growing steadily.

The success and growth of Battle Back Golf is attributable to three main factors.

1) Golf is a sport that is already adapted allowing golfers with relatively low physicality to take part. (BB golf has 4 soldiers that have lost both of their legs and 3 that have lost an arm).

2) The handicap system that is unique to golf allows competitiveness as all levels (something which important to the injured Serviceman).

3) The exceptional support of the golfing community. Battle back golf is supported by charitable donations with the majority of events offered by the golfing industry.

The physical and psychological benefits of golf for this population are significant.

a) Physical Benefits
The majority of BB golfers have ambulatory problems and the uneven terrain of golf courses assists in developing a patient strength, coordination and stamina whilst supporting all aspects of gait re-education.

b) Psychological Benefits
The cognitive requirements of keeping score and planning a route around the course test and therefore improve psychological output. Also the confidence and self esteem benefits of achieving a goal related task are marked. This alongside the stress relieving qualities of golf and a conduit to discuss problems with other servicemen with similar issues is invaluable.

Battle Back (BB) are now planning to deliver three coaching courses, support golf clubs in providing golfers to attend their charity events, and have two overseas trips (one to Europe and one to the USA).

The development of BB golf has been marked over the past 2 years. However BB is now finding that a number of these golfers are returning to their new careers within their Units and access to golf is more limited.

Golfers are attending BB golf events without having played or practiced in the interim due to either courses being prohibitively expensive or the lack of confidence to approach their local course.

How you can help

The next stage in the development of BB golf therefore is to ask the golf courses around the country if they would support BB Golf and grant free access to their facilities with the presentation of a BB Golf card alongside their Military identification card.

A list of the courses who support the programme could then be collated and BB Golfers will be able to access golf at their home or work location.

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