The Lee Westwood Cup

The Volvo National Golf Club Challenge Trophy

Made and Sponsored by Wedgwood in Support of Help for Heroes

The 'Lee Westwood Cup'
As one of the Challenge patrons – and keen supporter of the Help for Heroes charity – Lee Westwood has given permission for the Challenge Trophy to be named 'The Lee Westwood Cup'.

The trophy has gone through an intensive sixteen week process from design through modelling to construction. You can click on the picture to view the trophy in more detail.


The Wedgwood Seal of Quality
The Stunning 'Lee Westwood Cup' has been hand thrown and turned out of blue Jasper and hand decorated with white bas-relies golfing and military figures forming the main design features. The trophy is mounted on two blue jasper plinths and all edges hand gilded in 22 carat gold.

Innovation, Quality and Craftsmanship
WedgwoodFamed for their innovation, quality and craftsmanship, Waterford and Wedgwood trophies have been associated with incredible moments of celebration in the world of sport for over 60 years. So when Wedgwood agreed to design and produce the Help for Heroes National Golf Club Challenge trophy, we were absolutely thrilled.

Commemorative Gifts & Awards
The National Golf Club Challenge are delighted to announce a range of commemorative gift and award products from Wedgwood china and Waterford crystal, which are available to purchase by your golf club. This can be as a personal purchase, a golf shop sale item, or as prizes/gifts for the participating and/or winning teams within your club.

For each product purchase a contribution will be made directly to the Help for Heroes charity.
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